About Us

Knowles Teacher Initiative

KELP is a working group within the Knowles Teacher Initiative. The Knowles Teacher Initiative is a nonprofit organization that supports a national network of mathematics and science teachers who are collaborative, innovative leaders improving education for all students in the United States. We strive to create an educational system that is led by teachers who are equipped to solve difficult problems and respond to local challenges in order to serve all of our nation’s students. We as Knowles Fellows are eternally grateful to Knowles for their continued support of this work.


Erika Mitkus


Biology & Science Ethics Teacher, Governor's Academy, Byfield, MA

Sara Abeita

Resource Support

Biology Teacher, Lawrence Free State High School, Lawrence, KS

Jonathan Bower

Professional Development

Biology Teacher, Del Mar High School, San Jose, CA

Jamie Gay Melton

Conference Organizer

Biology Teacher, Roy High School, Roy, UT

Sarah Spector

Resource Support

Biology & Physics Teacher, The Crefeld School, Philadelphia, PA

Current KELP Fellows

  • Olivia Bean

  • Cassie Bennett

  • Mary Clare Bernal

  • Kylie Bertram

  • Kelsey Brax

  • Michelle Caine

  • Camille Erksine

  • Suzanne Garcia

  • Kim Hartung

  • Tyler Hill

  • Helen Huang-Hobbs

  • Katie Johnson

  • Christine Kamin

  • Alison Kerr

  • Shannon Morey

  • Meghan Mosher

  • Grace Noble

  • Bernice O'Brien

  • Matt Sakow

  • Jaziel Salomón

  • Mary Sargious

  • Rachel Thorston

  • Monique Velez Rivera

  • Jerick Wilson

With Special Thanks To.....

Ecology Project International - We are unendingly grateful to EPI for providing logistical support and inspiration for our first two trips to the Galápagos (and soon, hopefully, a third!). Without your incredible planning skills, depth of knowledge, and feedback, this resource bank would not have been possible. We would like to give special thanks to the EPI staff who supported us on our trips. Haley Hanson and Greg Luther joined us from the EPI main office in Missoula and provided amazing stories, expertise, and answered our many questions before and after our PD. On Galápagos, we were incredibly fortunate to learn from the expertise of our EPI field instructors Klavdija Jenko, Martín Narváez, and Mateo Madriñán. Without you all we would know far less about tortoises, conservation, and adult tag.

Parque Nacional Galápagos - We are also grateful for the expertise and support given to us by the GNP rangers who traveled with us on the islands. Your specific questions and knowledge helped many of us develop these resources, and we are grateful to know you are the stewards of such a special place.

Galápagos Conservancy - Many of us used the resources present on the Galápagos Conservancy website to develop our resources. The articles, information, and data collected there were invaluable in learning more about the archipelago. We are grateful for the work you all do.