NABT 2021

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NABT 2021 presentation

Slides from our presentation.


Subjects: Biology, Earth Science

Overview: This activity explores the evolutionary history of Galápagos iguanas and asks students to use multiple lines of interdisciplinary evidence to explain the speciation of the iguanas. In doing so, students will engage in the scientific practice of revising explanations as new evidence arises, as well as engaging with earth science topics related to island formation and tectonic plates. 

Keywords: Evolution, Speciation, Hotspots and Island Formation, Plate Tectonics, Constructing and revising explanations from evidence, Developing models

Standards: NGSS - HS-LS4-1, HS-LS4-5, HS-ESS2-1

Impact of Invasive species

Subjects: Biology, Environmental Science

Overview:  This series of lessons will focus on the concept of introduced and invasive species and their impacts on ecosystems. This activity also serves as an introduction to common characteristics of invasives. 

Key Concepts: Endemic, introduced, and invasive species, Competition, Competitive exclusion principle, Niches, Generalist and specialist species, Keystone species, Constructing Explanations and Designing Solutions, Planning and Carrying Out Investigations, Analyzing and Interpreting Data

Standards: NGSS - HS-LS2-6, HS-LS2-7